We assist companies and individuals in a favorable purchase of insurance.


Landlords tenant is a better choice for tenants and landlords.


Get better insurance for business and self-employed persons.


General Insurance

We provide all general insurance in cooperation with TM Insurance. Get an offer for your insurance by ordering advice.

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Landlords with landlords are a better option for the landlord.

Rent protection is the only insurance on the market that replaces bank guarantee or prepayment.



With rental protection, it is unnecessary to pay a high prepayment that is on a bank account for a long time, no benefit. Rent protection replaces bank guarantee.



The landlord can be safe despite the lack of rent or damage to the premises. Make sure to settle with the lessor in such cases on behalf of the insurance company.



Rent protection costs only a fraction of what the tenant has to provide in collateral or advance payment to the lessor.


Still better invalidity insurance for business and self-employed persons.

Occupational protection is an insurance that is suitable for self-employed and / or business managers. Occupational protection insures temporary occupational energy and, on the other hand, permanent occupational energy as well as extracurricular costs.


Employees Enjoy Full Benefits


Short Wait Period for Medical Care


Up to 75% of Wage Insured for 2 Years


Tryggja Sérlausnir

Custom Arrangements

It is ensured that professionals have appointed the construction of various insurance special solutions for companies that require specialized insurance at home and abroad.

Tryggja Tjónadeild

Damage Department

We have the tools, knowledge and experience to assist you in seeking your right, whether it's an accident or a property damage.

Tryggja Útboð trygginga

Auction of Collateral

For years, we have assisted larger companies and municipalities with a review and risk analysis of their insurance policies.


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Hvað viðskiptavinir okkar segja

“Tryggja that an offer is made to Ísafjarðarkaupstaður and its subsidiaries. The auction was done by professionalism and it was very good to keep a certain distance from the municipality from the project as it provided good and reasonable premiums. By my means, I would receive this assistance again when it comes.”

Daníel Jakobsson Mayor, Ísafjarðkaupstaður

“Coming from a four-year university and entering the rental market, it was impossible except with Tryggja. I simply did not have a three-month rent for insurance, and Trygar.is guarantees me that amount. The service great, the process an easy and great way for both the lessee and the landlord to carefree business.”

Bryndís Bessadóttir